Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where is 'Common’s wealth’ going? Rubbish! More importantly, Where are we commonly going?

Indians, games and the disease of procrastinating….

As am scribbling this down, the most awaited event for India is just a ‘September’ away. The capital, meanwhile, combats against the tag team of scams, deadlines, star-back outs, potholes, seeping out ceilings, foreign sport bodies, media vilification, and opposition charges. But hey no-this isn’t an article which will harp on about cliched topics like “Why London is ready and Delhi is not?” or something like “Boycotting games!” All these can be elaborated fastidiously by our eminent Indian writers at the helm of Indian paper media. This article touches ‘macro-intricacies’. I strongly feel India, as a country, needs a holistic political revamp. This will usher new blood in the system and jettison the lax dispensation. The slack event handling is one thing, slack system is another. This ‘disease’ is contagious, and yes-it is definitely not new-fangled! The games plight is a mere micro sample of national predicament. For years, we have been culprit of this sluggish attitude-not only as a nation, but as an individual. Accept it or not-we (and yes me too) are suffering from an Indian disease of procrastination. We love to put off everything from snoozing an alarm to holding CWG. Moreover, we, startlingly, swank it.” Hey, I studied for 2 days and pulled off 75%. Howzzat? Observed my dexterousness? “. It insinuates hollow claim of managing a task that could have been made immaculate. The games, am sure, will be thrown in oblivion a fortnight after media gets a brand new spiced up stuff. Delhi CWG will be hailed as an achievement of Indian sports. Everything else will be subdued. The disease of procrastination, meanwhile, will be passed on in new veins.

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