Saturday, December 1, 2012

Movie Review: No One KIlled Jessica

After an excellent debut as a director in poignant Aamir, Rajkumar Gupta 's second flick No One Killed Jessica was bound to have expectations. No wonder, before entering the hall, I too had my own load of expectations from this movie. NOKJ accounts of the Jessica Lall murder case in 1999 and the abominable series of events that ensued, till the people and media plead for the missing justice in our judiciary and life imprisonment was handed to the alleged. The movie is actually a dramatized version of events and not leaves any stones unturned to add bollywood masala to the real case.

The first half of the movie retells the murder of Jessica Lall, a bartender, by a affluent politician's son just for refusing him a drink. This seemingly open-and-shut case morphs into injustice for Jessica despite the presence of 300 witnesses. The gritty Sabrina loses her mother in the battle for justice and almost gives up hopes from the corrupted system. Meanwhile, Rani portrayed as a cussing renowned journalist, makes a strong impact on the movie right from the first scene. Her palpable temerity and aplomb is even jaw-dropping in some scenes.She owns the second half, by spawning a series of sting operations on hostile witnesses and rejuvenating this closed case. The India Gate march in the dying moments of movie is another factual event associated with Jessica Lall case. In a nutshell, For me-the movie indeed deserves applause for sheer choice of subject. Although this moving account is very familiar in country but such a battle of truth against political advantage was worth revisiting. Newcomer, Myra, too does a good job and is shown as a girl who's not afraid to publicly swear at a guy  who eve-teases her sister Sabrina. Although her role is limited and is shown in only flashback glimpses-yet catches eye among seasoned actors.My only grievance is from Vidya Balan who fails to impress by her wan expressions and that only becomes more perceptible by Rani's imposing screen presence.Although her character of Sabrina demanded that but still she fails to deliever according to the standards she usually sets for herself..

I go for 3 and a half out of 5 for NOKJ-will surely bag some awards at end of 2011...
PS: The title of the movie first appeared on the front page of The Times of India five years back...also shown in a movie scene....and I too, have faded memories of reading it...

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