Thursday, April 7, 2011

What are u chasing in life

Pessimist: Man, this life sucks more. You can do all the hard work but all you get is criticism.
Optimist: It is not true. You have to bide your time. Rewards pour in later.
Pessimist: Come out of your fictional world. There is no Bollywood ending that makes everything perfect in the end. Sometimes it remains as it is. Life isn’t that long. You need rewards to keep you going.
Optimist: Fictional world?I am telling you what Hindu sacred book tells us-to concentrate on work and let go the thoughts of rewards.
Pessimist: Oh really? Then what inspires you to do the work if not the end result?
Optimist: Inspiration comes from satisfaction of doing work.
Pessimist: And passion comes from aiming at the lingering reward. Is your ideology man passionate?
Optimist:  He is passionate to perform.
Pessimist: Only perform? That can be forever. It can go on and on. You obviously need an incentive. A spur to perform. A reward to aim at.
Optimist: But if you think of that reward too soon, you are never working your way up to it. You have to look at the current rung of the stairs and not the top rung. Otherwise, you can trip and fall on the ground.
Pessimist:  It is your timid perception. I see it as the one who has the inspiration to reach up the flight of stairs, has a goal. That makes him go up quickly and outrun the world.
Optimist: That is where your philosophy backfires!
Pessimist: Where?
Optimist: To outrun the world. All you need is to outrun your own targets. If you are outrunning others, you are outrunning the standards they set. You can’t define yourself according to their standards.
Pessimist: What if even after outrunning yourself, you are far behind others and miss the reward hence.
Optimist: So what, you missed the whole point. I was never running after the reward. I was running after self-satisfaction

Pessimist had no answer.

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