Monday, December 28, 2009

Introductory set the ball rolling!

My life, I feel, hasn't yet started.It has just been a compendium of tertiary tales till now...But i am not stagnated, I can see faded images of the path if success hasnt snuggled up to me if am yet to taste the 'fruit of success'.
In the passed by autumns of my life I have nurtured dreams..and equally well , i have embraced reality but abridging these has itself remained a dream.In a nutshell-my pages are not smudged...they, I believe, are white...waiting to be filled with a story!!

Call me a perpetual hedonist, a laggard but a bon vivant soul who loves to gel among people.As I began my voyage in the ocean of thoughts with the ship of words, i will pen down my experiences in the 'water' like life, full of hurdles, challenges, agonies of losing, ecstasies of winning-what i think is what i'll write.

the journey ahead along with the unbridled notions will probably go down in this blog.

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