Saturday, January 9, 2010

That ‘Enigmatic Night Factor', with knobs on!!

Don’t know if that happens to you too. Every night i sleep pledging that i won’t screw tomorrow's day like I did today but somehow i feel that pledge gets saved in a RAM like volatile memory, as it effaces away with the dawn. That’s what i refer as ‘Enigmatic Night Factor’- every night it makes you feel like a ‘stereotype Indian neta’, who toys with pledges and promises more than any living body(at least that’s what their image is!)
Wait….There’s more to it than what meets the eye. It’s not just a factor that creeps in and persuades you to take pledges. If it had been that simple, i wouldn’t have called it enigmatic! If you don’t screw a day, a rare but possible scenario in my case, then this factor still comes to haunt you-this time masked as complacency. You keep thinking “ hey! that was a nice day for me, I did it, blah, blah…” and somehow you activate your ‘complacency hormones’ ( i didn’t say i am a biological personnel, i can use that term:p:p)…So, are here with a ‘Jekyll-and-Hyde’ factor, as you never know what it’s up to….but you know one thing for sure …it’s here for your undoing!
That’s why i call it ‘ The Enigmatic Night Factor, with knobs on”…

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