Friday, June 18, 2010

My 'Click' Theory

You can't probably give the whole credit of this philosophical derivation to me, but am sure that i have thought of this as one of the most important word in a person's life-CLICK!!

Perplexed ? I'll analyze that. Lets not make this start as a philosophy lecture. I'll kick off with a real-life example. Recently I watched a Soccer match involving Spain and Switzerland. Spain, Euro Cup winner, star studded squad was up against 24th rank not-so-mighty Swiss. Match started, as expected-Spain looked dangerous, hardly giving the ball to opposition. First half read 0-0 with Spain kept hungry for debut goal in Africa. The match turned on its head in 52', when Fernandes of Swiss sneaked a goal , taking 1-0, sadly for Spain they never equalized.Vicente del Bosque's team predictably dominated possession but were hit on the break seven minutes into the second half as the Swiss recorded a first win over Spain in 19 attempts.Neither the veteran Villa, nor Torres clicked but a 23-year old boy from St.Etienne did click-and now he has a story to tell his grandchildren 50 years later! A look at table below says it all:
left column stats--spain
right column stats-swiss

Match Stats

25(5)Shots (on Goal)9(2)
12Corner Kicks3
74%Time of Possession26%
0Yellow Cards4
0Red Cards0
So, what i want to say is simple: Though Spain worked hard, they never clicked!!On the other hand, Swiss clicked when it mattered, on a world cup day, against the champs. They rose to the occasion and delivered!!

I can relate to this theory too. I always finished in the top three in my class all my life till 11th standard. The big stage was ready. the 12th and entrance exams mattered. What was needed was a click from me and couldn't click:(. Many colleagues of mine, who clicked at the right time-got better colleges.In short, all my 11 years of invincibility was drained by a single flaw...

Over the years following this failure, i realized about this click theory-it doesn't matter whether you click or not all life, you got to click when the moment arrives!

In Cricket, my favorite game, what separates the good batsmen from the great ones is that great batsmen always deliver when their team needs them!

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