Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sometimes after finishing a task, I sit back and ruminate how the process got so abstruse and mingled.Perhaps, it had a straight path and I ended up following a meandering one! Sometimes, while writing, I focus on adornment so much that the message remains unsent.Sometimes, too many thoughts try to outwit each other.All you need to know while walking your path is one thing-Destination. And the rest , I feel, falls in place. Take Sachin Tendulkar- the biggest living legend in India.He has nearly all the records in the book.But what he does is actually very simple-He pads up daily, walks to the field and gives his best.The rest falls in place. How we live is also too 'complexed'.We bear grudges, feign emotions, giggle because the adjacent person is doing so.Actually, we forget that we can be natural and live with an identity that is unique. Perhaps, the rest will fall in place.

May be, what i perceived is wrong. May be, am partially true.May be, am just literally impressive.Or may be, none of these. But I have had an epiphany-that magical 'Simplicity' is the solution to this convoluted life.

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