Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What governments and girls have in common ( No offense to either !)

Caveat: if you don't have any humor bone, then close this tab and search Euro Crisis.  Because that money debt thing was damn serious, when i last heard!  :D

For  rest of you who think they can laugh along here it goes...Na! I am not the one having very keen interest in government ...neither the one who is the Adonis of girls but I whiff a  non-sense humour that is conceale these figures. And yes, it sounds fun. The analogy is there, if you look deep. Without any personal experience, I inferred a lot from what happens around!I present my case

1) Government has populist policies. Keeping all happy without the reforms. Girls make sure they don't hurt anyone but also ensure they don't do good to even one of them. That is how you stay sweet to all and sweetest to none.
2)Government takes time to come to decisions ( of national importance obviously!). Girls take time to come to decisions ( of not-so-national importance like dressing-up , choosing between two lipsticks at a store, blah blah!)
3)Government puts it best face at crucial moments (closer to elections). Ditto for girls just that crucial moments are parties and all.
4) Government talks a lot. Point made.
5)Government knows politics. Yes, you got the rest of the sentence right!
6) Government has 2 houses-Upper and lowerhouse. Girls have two (maika n sasural). Okay. Okay, this one was lame :D
7)Finally, Government is dangerous when it uses its authority.

HENCE PROVED, government is feminine!!

Well, needless to say, there are some differences too like--

1) Governments don't like Barbies.
2) Governments are not generally beautiful.
3) Governments have no liking for Richard Gere and George Clooney!
4) Governments make it to Hindu's front page. Girls make it TOI's front page!(  No offense TOI ji)

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