Friday, March 30, 2012

Bollywood:Sensual or Gross?

Once upon a time, almost everything sensual was taboo in Indian movies. A harmless kiss was enough to ruffle the conservative feathers of censor board. End result:  movies used themes and acting prowess to make their mark. Na, not anymore. Seems no one is prudish these days. If anything, the ideas have become bolder  with each flick. The Bollywood film makers have found one success formula to bag profits- Add 50 ml a sensual non-sense item number featuring a voluptuous actress wearing a flimsy dress  to a 25 ml solution of  adult jokes chipped now and then.Mix them thoroughly and garnish with a Page3 face ! And look what you get-A non-sense story with absurd logic and glam overdose-a perfect recipe to rake in the moolah!! But gradually the sensual oomph factor has turned from sensuality to disgust and gross exposure show!

Every other movie now banks upon a cheap looking item song with repulsive lyrics that will leave you wondering what role it had in context of the story that was going on. the so called sex symbol will do a pole dance , with a few lusty men singing in chorus around here. the number implicitly and even explicitly talking sexual content! The movies are increasingly using the bold tag in a hitherto conservative country and talking about the 'forbidden fruit'! But how far can they go with this body show?

It is good till it is sensual. But when it gets gross, its something absolutely unwarranted. The likes of Taare Zameen par and Rang De Basanti also thrived in this decade of sensuality. Why then the Munnis, Sheilas and Chamelis over-riding the plot .So, why are the movie makers running out of creative ideas to keep the audience engrossed? Have the theater actors run out of steam? I guess Bollywood movies are running awry with some non-sense stuff making the buzz. But nobody is complaining. The crowd is happy with the show, the actresses with the symbol  and the directors with the money. This trend of imitating the recipe will go on and third class flicks will keep on coming. After all, old habits never die.

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