Monday, February 27, 2012

Few Recent Epiphanies

CHANGE: Changing , I have learnt, is more about envisaging a change rather than longing for it. A longed change is like building the terrace without the ground floor. In the dream of the beautiful terrace, many of us forget the drudgery of building some unattractive floors under it. Without this work, the vantage view of terrace will elude forever.As the adage goes (however trite it may be) No pain, No gain! Changing is not about a holistic revamp. It's about enhancemnt, moving forward. A little change can fix the entire leak. A big change might create a bigger hole!

MOVIES AND LIFE:Life, like movies, has its share of ups, downs, drama, tragedy,ecstasy and other sister emotions.But the difference surely is that life has no  fairytale endings. If it has, it is because they have been made to end that way. Ends depend on means.

THE MOMENT:No time is better than the present moment. Procrastination is like an infinite loop in C. It never ends. More often than not, it spawns new seeds of procrastinations. Phew! Now that was some sort of an observation !!

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