Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mind the gap. Mind the shoves.

Image courtesy: THE HINDU

Seat seat everywhere.
No seat to take.
                                                    * THE IMPACT : prologue*

"Where is Neeta's marriage next sunday?"
" Paschim Vihar, opposite Metro pillar no. 655"

This is what Delhi metro has done to Delhi in last nine years or so. It defines the way things move and also defines the way non-moving things ( Read: Neeta's venue! ) are addressed. You are flying over and creeping under the hectic roads in 'saadi-apni metro'. All you have to do is pay at most 30 bucks and you can travel across the breadth of the city! Easy on the pocket, right? But that ain't a charity. So what profit are they eking out??
Interestingly, I read once that " DMRC makes an operating profit of Rs. 0.48 per traveller". Multiply that by daily commuters and it would statistically look like a business now!

                                                          * Characters*

THE  COUPLE: They ease the rush by staying close. Need to say more?

THE FAT GRUMPY UNCLE:  Finishing moves ----Trampling feet and shoving giant hand.

THE FAMILY: Pappu, chhoti , munni and monu-all don't need VERSA anymore. DMRC at their service!

THE HOT CHICK: Busy on the phone or faking?

THE  MACHO MAN: He is always at the entry gate corner. And not leaves early.

THE PANICKERS: They somehow managed to not get stuck in closing doors! I bet they even didn't get the token inserted in one go?

THE SLOTHS: They can sleep any where. Shove them or kick them.

THE FRIENDS WHO LOOK REUNITED: they'll talk loud and won't mind stares. They actually thing themselves as youngistan representatives who own the whole damn metro

THE BUSINESSMAN: Making deals about reaching that station and overtly.

finally, THE 'YOU': At the centre of  the crowd, waiting for next station to arrive when the announcement says " we'r late,s orry for the inconvenience and you don't even have a 'physical metro touch' nearby to smash your face at"

                                                               * the Pot Luck*

You are LUCKY if you make to Blue line metro itself. Amidst the swarm of people running , event his seems like an achievement that shouldn't be seen just like that

You are VERY LUCKY if you somehow find a dangling handle. You actually feel having an authoritative upper hand on the poor people who are still struggling to stand still without any support.

You are EXTREMELY LUCKY if you find the non-opening door as a respite to rest your jaded back. This way you also get to see people entering and exiting, making things less boring.

And , finally YOU ARE LUCKIEST if you find a man getting up inches away while you had no hope standing besides his seat , amongst with zillion of frustrated hands and legs.

And you are UNLUCKIEST if ...As as soon as you sit, a lady comes by and points out you have no business sitting there :P

Now you know why it is called BLUE metro.!!!

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