Saturday, April 24, 2010

Circle theory

It is a thing I have always believed in, but thought of penning it down now. The analogy is something I can take credit of ;)

It is a common realization that once you get over things, they seem smaller than they did. I always thought of this as an analogy with circles. Here is what it is :

 Assume life to be a circle of  infinite radius. When we are in a problem, we are actually inside another circle enclosed within the big life circle. Lets call it : PROBLEM CIRCLE But since we are inside the problem circle, we don't know its radius. We assume it to be a big circle oblivious of its size. We get scared while confronting the problem. When we get over the problem, we move out of that circle and realize that it was a circle of nanometer radius, almost negligible compared to LIFE CIRCLE. Thus, we realize actual weight of the problem when we go out of it..

For example, tenth boards seemed herculean that time. But looking back, we know it wasn't worth the nerves.

The circles of problems are disguising thus. Small when we're out of them and  big when we're stuck.

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